My Neighbors Seem to Party a Lot

Of course when you normally have a neighbor that likes to have parties, that can be a real issue for people who have to get up in the morning. In this case they seem to start up really early in the morning on the weekends. This is because the English Premier League soccer matches start up about the time people are getting out of bed. They invited us over and we had breakfast with them, one of them is a really good cook and apparently they have an English pub breakfast. This site called is pretty important to at least one or two of them, apparently that is where you can go if you like to make wagers on the games. I am sure there are a lot others too, but they must understand how to use this one. I do not have a clue, not even understanding what language it is.

At any rate I got up Saturday morning and found a big crowd gathering. Some of them were drinking beer in their pajamas and bunny slippers. I would have laughed, but the truth is that I would occasionally have a beer for breakfast when I was in college. At any rate a big bunch of college girls showed up, some of them wearing their pajamas. I got to talking to one of them and she was actually from England. She told me where, but I have forgotten the name of the place. I think it was something like Ipswich or similar, but at any rate she was really into this. When the other team scored she started to curse in a very advanced manner, but using a slang with which I was completely unfamiliar. Apparently the English have a very unique way of talking trash, but I hardly understood any of it.